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Fiber Optic services

OSP Network Construction Section.
Projects Execution and Development Company (PEDCO) Fiber Optic Department was founded in 1997 to fulfill the growing need of Saudi Arabia in the communications industry for fiber optic cables and connectivity equipment. PEDCO is a service provider and full-line distributor of communication fiber optic test equipment, connectors, cable and cable assemblies, tools and tool kits, fiber optic consumable products, Category 5 and 6 active network equipment, and fiber optic OSP and LDN systems and components.
PEDCO serves over 3,000 customers from all segments of the fiber optics industry in Saudi Arabia, including: telecommunications, contractors, resellers/distributors, government, education, and telephone facilities.
Distribution - Products distributed by PEDCO include those of local manufactuers like MEFC, Mersal Al-Jazira, Riyadh Cable, and international such as 3M, Arnco, Molex, EXFO, Nettest, Corning, Corning Cable Systems, Krone, Alcoa Fujikura, Antec, Garrett Communications, The Light Connection and other major fiber optic suppliers.
Technical Support - PEDCO Fiber Optic Department has approximately 75 employees including highly trained engineers and technicians. Ninety percent of all employees have completed its comprehensive Fiber Optic I & II training.
PEDCO provides the Long-haul networks, ultra-long-haul, Outside Plant (OSP) and Data Networks industry with the highest quality fiber optic engineering, construction, splicing and testing services. Since severe impairments can arise with increased DWDM channel counts, careful engineering provisions are required to maintain channel quality over long distances. Testing SONET/SDH and optical transport layers concurrently is required when assessing problems with these networks.These services include:

OSP Network Construction Section
This is the core project implementation wing of the department.
PEDCO Ltd being one of the most established and a reputed contractor of Mobily and Integrated Telecom (ITC) is engaged in the following project groups for implementing Cable Network Projects.
The OSP Network Construction projects for the STESA and ITC Districts at Riyadh, Qassim, Jizan, Abah, Dammam, Arar, Hard and Al Kharj were undertaken till the year ending 2006. Each construction project sites are planned and managed as per standard requirements of the Client.
The quality and safety aspects of each project execution are Properly maintained to safeguard the accuracy and the Completeness of each work order.
The professional approach in implementing the Long Distance Fiber Optic Cable Laying and Termination has been Appreciated widely by the STC Engineers and Inspectors.

OSP Network Maintenance Section
The Network maintenance projects for the STESA and ITC Districts at Riyadh, Qassim, Jizan, Abah, Dammam, Arar, Hard and Al Kharj. Each maintenance project sites are planned and managed as per standard requirements of the Client. The quality and the safety program are well taken care.

Engineering & Special Projects Section

Design and Consultancy Unit
This department is structured and dedicated to meet the client's requirement in fulfilling the Turnkey Project solution. The deep involvement of this department with STESA in network construction and maintenance has also completed quiet a sizable amount of Survey, Planning and Design of Fiber Optic Network and associated jobs. The Design, Documentation and as-built jobs for SEC and GSM are undertaken and accomplished with quality and perfection. The prime focus is on the DPS (OSP Digitized Plans Update Project), which in turn generates subsequent Maintenance, Planning & Construction jobs for the Company. Details of design activities accomplished by this department are presented in the Annexure-1.

Field Survey & Digitization Unit
This unit is fully equipped with the professionals categorized as OSP Design Engineers, skilled technicians and surveyors to undertake the survey of STESA OSP Networks both in Copper and Fiber. Survey results are transformed into Redline plans and the complete network database is prepared, analyzed and submitted to the client for Engineering and planning studies. The associated survey of topography, various utilities for different government and public sector utilities are being undertaken for further planning, design and implementation purposes.

Fiber Optic Unit
The present trend in the growth of telephone traffic either through landline telephone system or the wire less has added additional benefits and convenience to the customer in multiple ways. Growth of GSM network in the kingdom has not added any dead lock for the land line rather the Fiber optic communication facilities with lots of technical advantages is growing rapidly. To keep pace with the trend in Access Ring, Loop and Interconnectivity of various exchanges and with different mediums Fiber Optic Cable has been placed on the top.
To meet this challenge our company is equipped with well-experienced Engineers, Technicians in Fiber Optic communication systems and projects with centralized operation. The Design, Planning and the implementation aspects of Fiber Cable Laying is taken as turnkey project solution or as per client's demand.

Electrical Projects Section
The tremendous potential and the capabilities of this department in respect of Cable Network Construction and execution jobs have added adequate value in obtaining and executing projects from Saudi Electric Company. As a result quiet a good number of Electrical Substation construction, Power Electronics Systems cable laying and associated works for the substations from SEC-CRB, ERB and WRB are already successfully executed and some are under execution by this department.

The innovations in the mobile communication sector has added quiet a large volume of load to this department by obtaining a huge GSM Contract for the PEDCO. The present trend started with TEP-6 Projects and till now underway for more and more expansion programmes which has given a big boost to our company by creating a new department exclusively for the GSM projects.
This department has carried out the civil works implementation for many sites under the Expansion 5 (E5) Projects and currently engaged in Expansion 6 (E6) Projects, GSM E7, R & V Phase 5, 3G, Motorola & Ericsson (Mobily) projects.
Specific details concerns the strength of this department and executed works are shown separately in further pages of this company profile.

The Civil Works Department is primarily concerned with the construction, upgrade and modification of cable networks of the Saudi Technical Engineering Company(STESA), SCECO, SWCC,MODA,SABIC and other public utilities of the Kingdom. The prime function of the Department with working groups and subgroups are illustrated schematically, the mission, objectives and the main services are as follows.
The department is structured and dedicated to meet the tremendous growth in land line, mobile communication and the subsequent Technological development of the Kingdom. In addition to its four decades of excellent and committed service in the field of Contracting, Operations & Maintenance, Trading and Construction, is now powered up with professionals and equipped with the state of the art technology, to face the challenge of this competitive business world with realistic and achievable objectives like ;
  • Commitment to excellence with quality
  • Organized to go parallel with advance technology.
  • Client's satisfaction with consistently maintained good will
  • Peaceful working atmosphere with harmony and solidarity
  • Warranty of works to establish faith and reliability
  • Development of competitive spirit for better efficiency
  • Accomplishment with completeness and accuracy

The main function of this department is:
  • Outside Plant network Design, Construction and mplementation
  • Design and Implementation of Civil Works, Primary, Secondary Networks.
  • Design, Installation and Testing of Fiber Optic Cable Networks
  • OSP-Digitized Plans Update Project for STC Districts.
  • Turnkey solutions for various Cable Networks and transmission projects like: Long Distance Projects, Junction and Access Networks.
  • Building Automation and Computer Networking solutions.
  • Fire Alarm, Fire Protection, Security Systems Projects.
  • Operation and maintenance of Switching Systems.
  • Design and Consultancy services for different organizations like STESA, SEC and ITC.
Presently the prime function of this department is to diversify into a new Design and Telecom Consultancy Department and Fiber Optic Unit with working groups and subgroups are illustrated schematically, the mission, objectives and the main services are as mentioned.

Fiber Optic Engineering
  • Route Design
  • Field Drawings
  • Right of Way Acquisitions
  • Permitting
  • Cadding

Fiber Optic Construction
  • Underground Fiber Placement
  • Fiber Pulling
  • Restoration

Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Single Mode
  • Multi Mode
  • Ribbon
  • OPGW
  • ADSS
  • Ring Cuts
  • Butt Splices
  • Ring Insertions
  • Panel Terminations

Fiber Optic Testing
  • Bi-Directional OTDR Testing
  • Chromatic Dispersion Analysis, CD measurement
  • Long-Haul PMD testing.
  • CWDM and DWDM testing.
  • Troubleshooting

PEDCO extensive line of services include:
  • Fiber Optic Network Upkeep
  • Fiber Optic Network Expansion
  • Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration
  • Network service providers and carriers modular test platforms.
  • Telecom provider laboratories equipment: Tunable laser sources, automated test systems, OTDRs, optical spectrum analyzers, PMD analyzers, power meters, laser spectrum analyzers, and wavelength meters

Long-Haul Network Testing
Long-haul networks carry a lot more data than any type of network, and over much greater distances. Optically speaking, they require the most complex testing-chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) being some of the parameters to keep in check.
High bit rates and synchronized data transmission put prime importance on detailed testing of the SONET/SDH infrastructure. Parameters such as data integrity, delays, amplification and attenuation become far more critical to control, at every step of the networks' life cycle.
Long-Haul Network Testing